DVC split stay tipping and moving between resorts

I read other recent posts but none that clearly spelled it out for me. We are going in April. Split DVC stay- 3 resorts. We will be a family of 5 with 3 large suitcases, a bathroom carryon- type bag, and a bag of non-perishable food stuff.

A few questions-
Will bell services transfer b/w resorts loose bags like a reusable grocery bag filled with non-perishables or does the bag have to be closed/ sealed? I understand that we cannot transfer items that require refrigeration.

When, who and how, and appx. how much, do we tip based on the following:

  1. Sunday arrival at resort #1, drop bags with bell services to be delivered to room while we are at the parks (tip bell services at resort 1 at drop off?) expect to have grocery delivered separately. ( tip bell services again?)
  2. Tuesday, leave resort #1 ( tip mousekeeping at resort 1?), leave bags with bell services at resort #1 for transfer to resort #2 (tip at BS at both resort 1 and 2?)
  3. Friday, leave resort 2 (mousekeeping?), leave bags with resort 2 bell services for transfer to resort 3 (BS?)
  4. Sunday leave resort 3 (mousekeeping?)

Do I tip mousekeeping any other days except the day we leave the resort?I assume bc of our short stays they will not be in the room more often.

Finally, If we tip bell services on both ends ( I.e., resort 1 and resort 2 for item 2 above) how/who do I tip at resort 2 since I will not ‘see’ anyone?

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Yes, they will tag it. I would close it up if you can but they won’t not move it.

I tip everyone that handles my things, at each interaction. so Sunday arrival, and Sunday groceries, Tuesday leaving and when they get delivered, Friday leaving and when they get delivered, mousekeeping at each departure point

You’ll see whoever brings the bags to your room when you call to say you’re there. With rare exceptions they will not deliver them without you being there.


Me too. Right after I turn and cough.

ETA: but seriously, what @OBNurseNH said sums up my intent & understanding exactly.


This ^^^^^

With the demise of Magical Express, Bell Services will not deliver anything to your room unless you’re there. You have to call and let them know you’re in the room.

I think the only exception is if you order groceries through DVC. Those may still be delivered to your room even if you’re out.

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This even happened to us back in 2015. We stayed one night at ASSports before transferring to AKL. We waited and we waited and we waited on our luggage. Finally my husband called down. They told us, “Oh! We won’t deliver until we know you’re there!” :woman_facepalming: So finally at midnight we had our stuff which was there for several hours by then :laughing:


Yes I think that was always the case for transfers.

But the luggage from Magical Express was taken straight to our room.


Agree to everything that’s been stated. As long as it’s in a bag they will tag it and take it. I have done multiple dvc split stays in the last 6 months and every time I had to call and give them the last digits of the tag they gave me when they picked them up before they would deliver them. Also I definitely tip each person on either end.

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I don’t think they will deliver your groceries without calling these days since there is a charge if they deliver them now.

Ordering through DVC there is no charge, other than the prices. You fax your order in and they deliver it direct to your room for you.

This is an example of the order form for BWV:


Oh, I misunderstood your post. Yeah, when I did my welcome home phone call they said “you should never order groceries from us”.

I looked at order forms from a few years ago and then the recent ones last year. The selection has decreased and even Garden Grocer saves you money!


We have used it each trip and may do again. We just order things like bread, butter, eggs, bacon, milk etc for the first couple of days before going to do a Publix shop.

My issue with GG or Instacart is twofold. One is the issue of having to either meet them or fax in ID for beer and wine. And second is the problem of not being able to receive or reply to texts on a U.K. number, so any substitutions etc has to be spelt out in advance. I’d just rather go and do a shop myself.

I understand that. I just upload a picture of my ID. They text but also email. Funny, BWV doesn’t allow deliveries until the last slot. Am I missing bananas or other fruit in that order form?

Even emails are useless when you’re travelling for 12 hours and can’t use your phone in the immigration hall either.
I’ll look into it and see what the main players say. I guess you just run the risk of not getting something.

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