DVC split stay - link together for single ADR/FP window?

I’ve read that DVC split stays can be linked together for a single ADR/FP window. I have rented points from 2 different owners. Is it possible to link these as described?

For ADRs, a definite no. For FPs, I’m not certain.

For ADRs we have (nearly) always had to phone to be able to make them for the full 10 days across a split stay. And it is Member Services who book them for you, the dining help line CMs cannot do it.

For FPs they think it will be automatic, although there is one case where it wasn’t and MS are investigating why with IT. However I suspect it will be flagged as a DVC member split stay, so unless both parts were booked by the same member I doubt you will get the benefit. And if there’s a problem, again it’s Member Services who can book the FPs for you.

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Thanks for the info. Am I right to assume that I can’t use Member Services since I am not the member?

Correct. The member will need to contact Member Services direct.

We’ve never had a problem with FPs for our split stays (and we’ve done lots). The ADRs do have two different opening windows, but Member Services are definitely able to override that and make bookings for members for the second half of the stay (over the phone). Not sure if the same applies to Disney Dining CMs, although I don’t see why not. :slight_smile:

Disney Dining CMs cannot or will not book the ADRs for DVC members (or at least not regularly). Only Member Services can get into the DVC system and add the over-ride. Occasionally Disney dining CMs have been known to throw a little pixie dust around, but rarely.

And there has never been a problem booking FPs for the whole of a split stay for anyone in the past. This is a new thing. But again, if there is a problem, Member Services can do it for you if you are a member.

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That must be fairly recent, or I’ve been very lucky in the past as I’ve used them quite a few times when MS wait times have been long. Never had a problem. I guess experiences vary.