DVC Slider for renters? Well this is new

Rented points for our September stay and received the DVC sliders with our MBs today.

All I can think is "Hello TotW Lounge CM. I forgot my membership card, but here is my shiny new slider"


Has this happened to anyone else or did someone in packaging make a boo boo?

That IS weird!!

And it's a split stay. I rented points from @TUC for the first night and from my cousin for the other 5 nights. I only got them for the second part of the stay, which makes me think someone screwed up. I don't wear my AP slider, and won't wear this one either. Maybe I should sell them on ebay?? lol

We got them in June when we rented points.

Oh. Well in that case, maybe I will wear it one day. I didn't want to get in trouble. Ya know, being the rule follower that I am. HELLOOO TotWL! !!!

We're renting in Sept but haven't gotten our Magic Bands yet, they should be coming in the next 10 days or so. I'll try to remember to update when we get them! I hope we do!

Rented points and also got them!

Yay!! Hope this is still in effect when we arrive to our split stay BWV and OKW!!! Yay! (I'm such a nerd)

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Ha! MDU the rule follower.... wink I have the DVC sliders. But alas I am a real DVC person! wink

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I'm going to stay soon in a DVC room while my sister and her family (her father in law owns DVC points), so now I'm sorta jealous. Hope we get these. Not sure why I need it, but don't want MagicBand envy.

I rented points for my May trip and didn't get the sliders. DARN!

Apparently, staying with someone who is a DVC member also gets you a slider. Yay, I'm in the Club.