DVC Room Requests at AKL - Jambo

I’m trying to track down information about where the DVC rooms at AKL - Jambo are located. I’ve rented DVC points and I’m curious which level the rooms will be and which savanna they will be facing. I called Disney this morning and also tried their website’s chat feature to learn more about this and both were uninformative. (In fact, the chat feature gave me incorrect information.) I have a 2 Bedroom Lockoff Villa - Savanna View. Anyone know where these are located? I have to submit my room request very soon and I’m at a loss.

You can look at the Touring Plans Room Finder and put in DVC 2 bedroom lock off to see the choices.


I believe all the DVC rooms are on the 5th floor.

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They are all on the fifth floor. Club and value are in the center around the lobby, everything else is along the wings. You could potentially get any Savannah.

I think room requests are tougher at Jambo because there are so few DVC rooms. So be sure to emhasize the characteristics you want to give some flexibility!

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