DVC resales company recommendations

We are ready to buy DVC…what are your recommendations on which resale company to buy from? I hear good things about The Timeshare Store and Fidelity. Any others? Thanks for your help!

I am SO close to pulling the trigger, myself. I would love to have a Disney home.

I used disneydvcresale.com to search for a contract that I liked. Ultimately the one we found was at http://www.dvcbyresale.com/ Shontell was great to work with and made things easy. I’ve never heard a bad thing about any resale sites, so find the points you want at the price you want and use whoever is offering it.

We loved Timeshare Store. Expedient, friendly, and efficient, and they had great contracts available.

We used the Timeshare Store - and it was awesome! Fast and very helpful!

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Thank you all for the help!

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