DVC Resale then direct?

I’m thinking about buying DVC and want to get the benefits of buying direct (discounts, Top of the World, etc.) but with the lowest possible cost.

Could I achieve this by buying resale for the bulk of the points I want then buy direct from Disney for a small number of points (maybe 25?). Would this give me the access to discounts that I want?

What is the lowest number of points you can buy directly from Disney if you already own DVC, albeit via resale?

Yes you can. The minimum buy in for existing owners used to be 50 points, but I think at times you can get 25.

TOTWL is a perk for all members though :grinning:

Thank you! You can use TOTWL even if you have just purchased via resale?

Yes, according to others (no first hand experience, we bought direct). I think it takes a while to get your actual card but you can get an e-card to use in the meantime.

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