DVC Rental?

Hello all,

I’m anticipating a trip in June of 2018, with myself, my DD17 at time, my DBF, and his DS9 at time of travel. Neither my boyfriend NOR his son will have EVER been to Disney world, and my birthday will fall during the week that I’m looking at us going. Knowing that my BF will struggle with large crowds, my initial thought is to use DVC rental points to get a deluxe villa to have more space to sprawl out and some serenity away from the parks when he meets his threshold (Military PTSD). Shades of Green may also be an option, but there are a few more drawbacks to using that resort (no ME, transportation is more limited, etc.). Has anyone used rental points for the 3rd week of June with good luck? It’s starting to head into peak season so that may be an issue.

Any input is appreciated! Thanks all!

Plenty of people have been successful at renting points during that timeframe - the key point is to start planning early, which you are doing. Check out http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/09/01/tips-renting-disney-vacation-club-points/ for information on the DVC rental process.

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Your best availability will come 11 months out, so you are in good shape to give it a try. A 1 bedroom villa at Bay Lake Tower might fit you very well; it’s walkable from the Magic Kingdom so he can go back easily, and there are three sleeping surfaces, which will accommodate your blended family well.

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I have looked into using DVC points but actually haven’t done it - but hear lots of good things about the reputable dealers - so just use a good reputable broker and you will be fine.

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We have rented points for the last 5 years from dvcrequest.com and absolutely love it. They are extremely helpful and the process couldn’t be easier. There are several resorts to choose from. You may want to take a look at this site, review the DVC resorts to decide the resort that is best for you. I can tell you that we were able to book a 2 bedroom villa and a 1 bedroom villa at the Saratoga Springs for June 2017 in January 2017. We have not had a problem booking at this resort. If you prefer to stay at a different resort, you may have to starting looking to book now. Good luck!!

Most DVC rooms are comparable to Disney’s “deluxe” resorts. You’ll have a tough time finding any accommodations that are better, IMHO. They normally can be had at cheaper rates than the comparable deluxe resorts, but not all DVC rooms are necessarily bigger. Take the time to read the reviews and room dimensions that Touring Plan writes. We found them to be helpful. We rented a deluxe villa the BCV last June and when we returned I re-read the TP reviews of the BCV and appreciated what they had to say even more. If you opt for a 1 or 2 bedroom villa room over the "deluxe’ villa, I would think you’d have more than enough space to stretch the legs. We’ve used both dvcrequest.com and dvcrentalstore.com, and found them both to be very good. Now is not too early to begin a search if you use a broker for June rental. DVC rentals can take awhile to obtain.

If your boyfriend can book at SOG, then that means he still has an active military id. You might check and see what discounts are available for rooms using the Armed Forces Salute. Depending on availability, you might luck out on a good price for a cabin at Fort Wilderness or a family suite at AoA.

Also, I highly recommend you get the Disability Access Service for your boyfriend. It’s for individual’s with cognitive disabilities such as PTSD and anxiety. DW has both due to combat time in Iraq, so I understand what you are dealing with. The DAS saved our trip several times when DW couldn’t handle people. If you want more detail about it and how to get it, let me know and I can walk you through the process.

I just booked a trip last week through DVCRentalStore.com. I was right at the 11 month mark. I put the request in Monday and had it booked on Wednesday night. I would go ahead and check into the availability. You’ll have to pay a deposit, but if you can’t find a booking to meet your needs, it is refunded. I’d just research and be very specific about what resorts would work for you. Good luck!