DVC Rental Spot

We are DVC members, but need to rent points from another member for a trip we are planning next May. Does this site have a spot within it for folks to post available points for rent? Thanks!

You can change the title of your post to DVC rental points needed if you want. No one here does any check on any renters. We would ask any arrangements to be completed through PMs.

You can tell if people (renters or owners) have been active on this board but clicking on their avatar and seeing when they joined and their activity.

I’m new to ownership and don’t know how many points you need but have you looked at borrowing points? I read, but can’t find it on the DVC owner page, that you can purchase a small number a points (one time) to add on. I think it was once a year thing.

Need More Vacation Points?

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Bank or Borrow Vacation Points
You can bank Vacation Points from your current Use Year to use during your next Use Year, or you can borrow Vacation Points from your next Use Year to book a reservation in your current Use Year. Restrictions apply; please contact Member Services for details.

Purchase One-Time-Use Vacation Points
Occasionally, you may find yourself in need of just few extra Vacation Points in order to book that perfect dream vacation. If that happens, you may be able to purchase Vacation Points for one-time use toward your desired stay. View details and pricing for One-Time-Use Vacation Points.

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Thanks to you both! We would ideally have points transferred from someone that will be unable to use them. I just wasn’t sure if there was a specific spot on this board or not. Appreciate the guidance!