DVC Rental Site Comparisons?

So for my January 2024 trip I did just use DVC Shop for the first time (I have always used David’s in the past). As pointed out earlier in this post, they have loads of dedicated reservations, but at a higher price. For better or for worse, I think their method is going to be more lucrative, as I went with them because they had what I wanted and David’s couldn’t get it (one night in the middle of the dates has no availability).

Financially, it cut into the savings (I saved 41% vs the direct from website price; while David’s would have saved me 51%), but I was happy to pay. In the end, I’m assuming the owners are going to get more money too using this “spam and profit” method. It’s a supply/demand game. And for me, I suppose it’s a win for everyone (me, owner, and the DVC Store agent(s)), although I’d still be annoyed if I was a “regular” owner (not buying to the plan to rent).

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I know a few who do. But many bought up thousands of points during the 2008 recession when people were desperate to sell and you could buy for as little as $10 per point.

And secondly we have a new site now called MagicOwners.com No rental board up and running yet, but hopefully will be soon.


That’s great news about the new site! I’ll check it out. I’m not disparaging those with lots of points. I wish that was me!!

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Oooh, this is awesome. I love using transfer points. And I haven’t had a source since the site closed.

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Just to let you know the RTB on Magicowners is up and running now.

Fantastic! Will check it out. Thank you :blush: