DVC rental Should I use two?

Our trip is January 20-25 2018. I hadn’t decided on DVC rental at 11 months out. I contacted David’s last week and they found availability but did not have the points (AKL). Should I leave my name on their list and also contact DVC rental store or just wait until 7 month mark before panicking?

It wouldn’t hurt to contact another broker, since the issue appears to be lack of owners on David’s list with points as opposed to lack of availability of rooms.

Is waiting until 7 months a huge risk? I’ve never rented DVC before.

I don’t think it would hurt to check out another broker, but I wouldn’t get too worried. My understanding is that AKL is huge and there are a lot of rooms.

That is not entirely true - despite its size, the DVC rooms at AKL can go quickly. David’s has a handy guide for how far in advance you should rent https://www.dvcrequest.com/how-soon-should-i-reserve.asp which indicates that most types of AKL rooms should be booked more than 7 months in advance.

Thanks brklinck!

Thanks! Actually just checked my email and my reservation was secured!