DVC Rental Questions

We are planning a Sept 2018 trip and are considering renting DVC points. We are planning on staying 5 nights. When I priced standard view room at GF with 5 day park hopper tickets the cost Disney website were approx. $4500 for two adults and one child. When I price seperately through DVC Store a studio villa is around $1500 and park hopper tickets around $1400; for a total of approx $3000. Am I missing something? Can renting points really save me $1500?

If so, what are the cons of renting points? I know I don’t get daily housekeeping included but I can add it for additional charge. Does anyone know that charge?

Lastly, if Disney does free dining during this time will we be eligible if renting points?


I haven’t priced it but you can definitely save significantly by renting points. There is a little risk when renting directly from another owner, but using one of the rental companies like David’s or DVC Rental Store will pretty much remove that. I am a DVC owner but was out of points and just rented for 2 different reservations…one with one of the companies and one directly from an owner from one of the boards. Note that a DVC studio at GF is different than a normal room at GF in both location and set-up so be sure you are ok staying in the DVC building and with the studio layout. In terms of free dining, you would not be eligible for that as it is only for room/ticket packages.

If you want to stay deluxe but not pay the high price, DVC is the way to go. We’ve been lucky enough to stay at BCV, BWV, AKL and BLT by renting points. I’d never be able to justify the cost of staying deluxe otherwise.

Check out my TP Blog post on renting DVC points: http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/09/01/tips-renting-disney-vacation-club-points/22 - it covers a lot of the pros and cons.

I cannot recall how much adding Mousekeping is - I believe that it varies based oh the type of room you are in. Also, you cannot get Free Dining - it is a promotion to entice people to come to WDW, which they don’t need to do for DVC owners as they already have them on the hook. :slight_smile: