DVC Rental Question - non-home resorts

Did some of the older contracts like Boardwalk have the ability to book non-home resorts at the 11 month mark?

I don’t think so but I am tagging @Nicky_S for help.

Thank you.
I’m looking to rent and the person has references and reviews but the fact that her home resort doesn’t have availability for November and she is giving me other options is making my Spidey senses tingle.

Does she only have one home resort? I have rented from someone that has BWV, BLT, GF, and AKL as her home resorts.

I own at BWV and CC.

We’ve been members (AKL home) since 2008. I have never seen references to some contracts having non-home reservation privileges at 11 months.

@PrincipalTinker Good idea about multiple contracts/multiple home resorts.

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She said only Boardwalk but since 2000.

Boardwalk was not the first DVC resort.? Why would the rules be different for the 4th resort four years after it opened?

I don’t think anyone has had non- home resort booking privileges at 11 months.

I wonder though if she is just giving you other options in preparation for the 7 month window? But then she surely would have said that.

I would ask her outright to be honest.

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I’ve never heard of any contracts being able to book at non-home resorts at 11 months. and I listen to a lot of podcasts and keep up on blogs.

I agree they were giving options for 7 month bookings.

Yes just ask.

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