DVC Rental options

Yes, I put in my request 13 months in advance and I got a message that at 11 months, she would start checking…don’t know if I was put at front of line, but it only took a few days for agent to find me something; of course that could be because of time of year

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I think it depends what your choices are. Apparently there was a lot of availability at WL. If I had left WL off, I may have gotten my first or second choice a little later (maybe a day or two - who kows?) but I had WL as my 3rd and 4th choices. I will say though - the only reason WL wasn’t my first choice is because of the extra money. It was about $800 more total then AKL and $500 more than Boardwalk. I have little doubt that I will enjoy it more, but would have loved to be $500 or $800 richer. LOL.

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I just tried this last week with DVC rental store; they told me it was a separate transaction (even same resort) and for 1 night the points tripled - I decided to book an inexpensive room at an All star for the one night

Points tripled? It must have gone into a weekend or crossed over into a different territory? Doesn’t make sense for points to triple. In most cases, a weekend is about 30% more in points.

No I originally had Sunday through following sunday and yes the points were a little more on weekends, but not triple…I asked about adding the Saturday night before and it would have been triple…but now I am wondering if I accidentally asked for a 1 BR instead of a studio - hmm

Well, the math works out as “triple” in that case. A 1 BR on a weekend is about triple the points as a studio weekday! :slight_smile:

No, I just went and looked at my email requesting an additional night for a STUDIO and it was going to be even more than a 1 BR for just one night…so I dunno why now

Yeah. It doesn’t make sense, since point values don’t fluctuate. The point charts are pretty much set through 2020 right now.

Does the DVC Rental Store have some kind of minimum? Maybe the price is triple because they will only do a minimum reservation and they were charging you for a 1 night reservation, which didn’t hit the minimum? If so, that seems a little off to me!

Or, perhaps you requested a Studio, but when they did the quote they accidentally quoted for a 1 BR?

If it isn’t too late, you probably could follow up and confirm with actual point chart in hand.

Okay. I’m looking up information to answer my own original question (somewhat).

So, the approximate price of the BWV 1-bedroom studio, and then additional cost of travel insurance:

Davids - $3132, plus ~$200 travel insurance = $3332
DVC Rental store - $3480, plus ~$330 PPP = $3810
Private - $3132, no travel insurance (but risk 1/2 cost) = $3132
Timeshare Store = $2958, plus ~$200 travel insurance = $3158

But I think Timeshare Store likely has least availability. DVC Rental Store is definitely highest price.

Oh, and I posed the question about beyond 7 day reservations at 11 months, and David’s already responded. They will accept any number of days. As long as there are points available, they will reserve them at 11 months out for the entire length of stay.

Also, they said the accept the reservation form 12 months out, so it looks like I can submit my request on December 3, 2019 to them, and they will start looking for availability on first day of the 11 month out window (January 3).

So I think you know that everybody is playing with the same availability, but if you do have concerns about it, the private owner with a BLT home resort is your best bet. That’s pretty much a guarantee. I’m not sure if David’s will disclose if they have an owner yet for you or not. I was rather surprised that they didn’t have a Poly owner for my friend at 11 months, but I’m guessing they already had a list of people from 12+ months.

Yes. This is true. What I meant by availability was availability of home points at any given resort. In that regard, you’re right…the private owner is guaranteed to have availability. The only downside is we are at that individuals mercy in terms of calling early, etc.

But since the only points that David’s or DVC Rental Store can actually rent out at the 11 month mark are those points that they have a home-resort owner for, there might be more limited availability at the 11 month mark at one company versus another.

It is sounding like David’s and DVC Rental Store are probably fairly similar, though? This is why I’m wondering about the experiences of others.

i havent seen one of those in YEARS :rofl:

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Hehe. Whoops. Well, I mean…there’s Redbox. Yeah.

My hands sometimes have a mind of their own.

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So they are definitely basically one and the same. They each have a pool of owners that they are brokering on behalf of. My good friend decided to book the Poly for this Dec basically 1 day before 11 months and David’s didn’t have an owner and neither did DVC Rental Store. Both let her expand her options and about 2 weeks later David’s found her a BLT owner for a lake view studio.

I believe they both have a list of clients that they contact to “solicit” out rentals when they have stuff that they can’t match. I had thought when working with her that they are both the same price, but I didn’t realize DVC Rental was more. If that is the case, they might be paying the owners more, in which case they MIGHT have more home points at the more in demand resorts.

Yeah. I think David’s pays slightly less per point to owners than DVC Rental Store.

Don’t forget that David’s is in Canada, so if your credit card company has a fee for international charges, that will add to the David’s cost. Mine does, and it was significant enough that I went with DVC Rental Store instead. I’ve been very happy with their service to date, although we haven’t actually gone on the trip yet.

we have almost always used paypal credit with David’s, which incurs no international fees and has always offered 6 months 0% interest financing on travel

Ah. Good point. I believe the Chase Disney Visa card charges a 3% fee, so that’s close to $100. Still cheaper, though, than DVC Rental Store. But it does undermine a bit of the 1% reward I was planning to earn on my Disney Visa card. I’ll check if any of my other credit/debit cards have this fee.

Just to clarify here, as an owner.

We can only book 7 nights at the 11 month window. But we can then add on an extra night the next day, and again the next day and so on. And if we do that, we are guaranteed to be able to do that, unless a room is taken out for maintenance.

Anyone claiming that we can book for longer than 7 nights right at the 11 month mark to check-in is stretching the truth a little. :thinking: