DVC Rental: I have 59 DVC pts available to rent. $12/pp

I have 59 Aulani pts if anyone wants to rent them! I will charge $12/per point ($708 total) and these can be used for any DVC resort with availability. Aulani can be booked 11 months in advance and any other DVC resort can be booked at 7 months in advance.

Let me know if I can check dates for you! EXCEPT…During the Food & Wine festival. At this late date, unless you want a random single night on a Tues, there is nothing available during all of Food & Wine.

If you’re not a DVC member, and curious about what pts can get you, here’s are a couple of examples:

Feb 5-8, 2017, 3 nights in a studio at BLT
Feb 5-9, 2017, 4 nights in a studio at BW or AKL

The pts vary a lot based on time of year.

Here are my rental terms:
-Pay 50% deposit via paypal (I will pay the fee) on the day I book (This deposit is non-refundable. If you need to change dates, I will work with you to find new availability. I CANNOT GUARANTEE availability for changes to dates.)
-Pay remaining 50% 90 days before check-in date. (Cancel prior to 90 days and lose your 50% deposit).
-No refunds within 90 days of check-in. (Again, I will work with you to change dates, based on availability.)
-For reservations less than 90 days in advance, 100% due upon day of booking.
-There are no taxes or other resort fees on DVC rentals.
-You and your family/friends will be listed on the reservation. The lead guest must remain on the reservation.

Thanks for reading and let me know what questions you have!

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Could you check Dec 4-6th. Beach Club studio? (or anything dec 4- 6 or dec 3-6)
thanks, Lee Anne

Hi Lee Anne!

Wow, for some reason those dates are even more booked up than Food & Wine festival!

There is no resort that has even partial availability for the timeframe of Dec 3-6.

I checked through all of December, and here’s what’s available for 2 or more consecutive nights in a studio, just in case your timeframe is flexible. January is looking much more open, also. These dates could change anytime, but hopefully this will give you a picture of what’s out there.

Thanks so much!


Dec 6: SSR * (only one night, but that’s the closest to your dates)
Dec. 7-9, Dec. 11-17, Dec. 21-25: AKL Kidani Savannah View
Dec. 20-22: Beach Club
Dec 10-29 SSR
Dec 23-25: GF lake view
Dec 19-1, Dec 24-26, WL
Dec. 13-15. Dec.23-25: BW, Garden View
Dec. 14-19, 22-27: OKW
Dec 23-25: OKW Hospitality House area
Dec 23-26: Poly standard view
Dec 23-25: Poly lake view
Dec. 23-25: BLT, Lake View:
Dec. 12-14: AKL Jambo, Studio Value Accomodation (these are only 9 pts per night. AKthe rooms are a little smaller than a regular studio)
Dec. 12-15, Dec. 23-25, Dec 26-30: AKL Jambo, Studio Standard View
Dec. 12-18, Dec 23-25 :AKL Jambo Savannah View
Dec. 23-27: AKL Kidani Standard View


Thank you for checking. Unfortunately, we are locked into Nov 30-6, and we had added Dec 5&6 so that’s what I need.

I appreciate you looking. Who knows, maybe I’ll look those dates over and attempt for add’l trip.

Again, thank you, and congrats on Europe Trip. (Our 25th is in August)

Lee Anne,

I was glad to check; I’m just sorry I couldn’t help! I hope you guys have a great trip and happy (early) 25th anniversary to you and your husband!

As an update to the post, for Lines members who are also on Disboards, I posted there too but at $13/per point to cover the fee to cover the Disboards Rent/Trade board posting fee. For any Lines member, it’s still $12/pp.


Hi there. Do you by chance still have the points?? (Fingers crossed over here)

Hi Mwehner, I am so sorry for not replying sooner! I just saw your message. No, I rented them out within just a few days. Thanks so much for checking, though, and my apologies for the late reply!