DVC Rental Experts!

Going to rent 1st time. Any particular broker to check out? How far in advance for success? Any other hints & tips? Thanks

My only hint is that using David’s seems to be a hassle for several reasons, a fee to check for a reservation, Canadian company may incur a fee from credit cards, and if any of the choices you specify during the initial reservation process if available they book it and you are stuck with it. They don’t contact you to tell you what’s available.

They don’t seem to be a friendly, customer(person renting points) oriented business.

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Check out http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/09/01/tips-renting-disney-vacation-club-points/ - the author is super cool and will probably answer any questions you have.


I have a couple I’ve rented from for years. They own LOTS of points!!! I mean they are nearing the limit Disney has for owning points. They are in WI and I’m from Boston so I don’t know them personally but they rock!! They are an older couple and have a great contract. They are super legit and have many home resorts. Let me know if you need info!! I met them on mouseowners.com years ago and but the bullet and trusted them!! So glad I did as I’m super skeptical. The wife works for a lawyer’s office so she is very good with having proper contracts and such. I rented VGF last Nov and BWV this sept. Those are just a few of the many times I’ve used them


Last May i rented my points to @disneyteachers. We wanted security so we asked www.dvcrentalstore.Com to broker it for us. She got hard to find points with the security of a rental store but she found a liner who had points to rent. Maybe someone here has points you could rent. I would offer but I’m currently using mine.

Hi @glamour- I am actually looking to rent points from someone. Could you possibly email their info to me? Do you need my email or can you get it from my profile? Sorry but I haven’t had a chance to spend much time on the forum yet. Thanks!

Yes, this worked out awesome. @magestyayla was able to rent her points and we got to stay at BLT the wk before Easter. We used DVC Rental Store (Lauren) to handle the deal and everything went super smoothly. I also needed trip insurance because as teachers we’ve had vacations taken away due to snow days 3/5 years so I really needed the transaction to be as official/above board as possible. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation! Big thanks to @magestyayla for concocting the idea!

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Lauren is very easy to work with. I would start looking at 11 months out especially if your looking at a popular resort. For our Nov trip I started at 11 months for BLT and found nothing. (I needed 2 villas) I got what I needed but had to go through Mouseowners. So far the owner has been easy to work with. Good luck!

Hi @glamourgirl can I have an email address for your rental contact? thanks!

@glamourgirl Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I was wondering if you rented directly with these people, or if you used a broker as a middleman?
We are looking at renting points to stay at BCV next year, but our “problem” is that we want a 2BR for two weeks. So I’m thinking it may not be that easy to find someone renting out enough points? Any thoughts? Have you rented for longer periods?
And we’re not from the US, so probably not that easy to find a private deal for us…

I have booked through DVC Rental Store twice and would never think to book elsewhere. They are soooooo helpful! There is no fee for them to check availability and they are super responsive to any inquiry I’ve ever submitted - I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than a couple of hours for a response from them.
I also suggest keeping an eye on their “specials” page to for even further discounts on points and existing reservations.

I just want to chime in on David’s (dvcrequest.com). I’ve used them for 4 trips. Only one year when I thought I could book at 11 months out did my request go unfulfilled until closer to 7 months out.
They’ve always been very responsive to any emails I’ve sent.
I’ve never had an issue with US dollar to Canadian dollar credit card transaction. I think they just put that out there in case you’re using some “off brand” visa/mastercard with weird rules.
The booking fee is 100% refundable if they don’t secure your request.
You don’t have to list alternative accommodations if you really just want to stay at one particular place.
All that being said, they do charge $14 per point if you are within the 7 month period. It’s $16 for many of the locations if you’re booking beyond the 7 month period. That was a little touch and go for me this time but in the end, we got exactly what we wanted.
Are there services that charge less? I’d love to know for future bookings.

It’s not just “off-brand” cards that charge additional foreign currency fees - I have several “name brand” cards that charge them. In my experience, cards with features that benefit travelers often do not charge these fees, but cards with more non-travel features (like cash back) often do charge these fees (and this can occur with cards from the same issuer). Always check with your card issuer about how they treat foreign currency transactions before you use them.


You’re absolutely right, @brklinck. The buyer should always beware (and aware) of things like that and the only way to know sometimes is to ask the issuer.

Hope I didn’t sound like shill for David’s. I really just wanted to put forth my personal experiences with them. They’ve always been professional and delivered what I expected as a customer.

Do they own at BLT? If so I would love to contact them if you’re still in touch!

Just a thought here - you might not want to post people’s names and e-mail addresses on a publicly-searchable forum. Better to send that info to people in a private message.

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Didn’t realize it wasn’t private. It’s been forever since I’ve been on here. Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to delete it!

I sent you a private message too, so you probably thought you replied privately. Sorry about that folks!

@glamourgirl We are looking to rent points and would love a referral. Can you message me their contact info? We are also in the Boston area!!!

Would you mind messaging me the couple’s contact that you have mentioned?