DVC rental- check in

Quick question- if I am renting points from a DVC member, can I still do online check-in 60 days in advance? the member I am renting from already submitted my room request, so I'm not worried about that, just wondering if I'll be able to check in online or will I have to wait until I'm on site?

I was able to do it.

Yes, link your reservation in MDE and you are all set to do on-line check-in.

Awesome thanks guys! It's already linked so it sounds like I'm good to go. Tomorrow is 60 days!

Also, you can avoid MDE and do your on-line check-in at http://mydisneyreservation.com/dvc


Thanks for the tip!

What's the benefits behind avoiding MDE to do online checkin? Are there better options to choose from or a more secure way of checkin on that site? Can you tell it's my first go at renting DVC points?!! stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes Ha!

It can be buggy and is often down. The website always seems to work.

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