DVC Rental at 7 month for thanksgiving

We’re trying to plan a trip Nov 10-17 2018. We rent DVC through a friend of a friend whose home resort is SS. Anyone familiar with how quickly TBC, CCV, GF book up before the 7 month mark. I really don’t want to end up at SS, so if we book now at SS we’ll try to transfer. Any other good places for that Christmas experience? Or should we just wait and book wherever we can at 7 months?

David’s has a good reference for how far out you need to book in order to get a given resort/room type: http://www.dvcrequest.com/how-soon-should-i-reserve.asp

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Uh oh that doesn’t look good. Thank you, I hadn’t seen that page! Very helpful.

Do you know the page that lists all the villas that have those pull down day beds. I know I saw it last year. My daughter loved that little bed at The Poly :slight_smile:

Last year at 7 months we were able to switch to a 2 BR lake view at Grand Floridian for Dec 17-21 and a garden view Boardwalk for Dec 21-24. I think availability for studios is usually more limited. If you aren’t looking for a studio and aren’t too picky about the specific category/view of room, then you will likely be able to switch to something else. However, I certainly would go ahead and book SSR now so you have something just in case.

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