DVC Rental - 2021

I’m planning my 2021 trip and have a couple questions about renting DVC points. I am hoping to rent points for a 2 bedroom villa either in early November or early December 2021. When do I need to try to reserve through David’s or DVC Rental for the best chance of getting the resort I want - I know it’s 11 months out, but is it 11 months exactly (i.e. can’t reserve December 10 until January 10 or can you make all reservations on the first of the month that is 11 months out). Do I have any shot of getting a villa at Beach Club? What resort do I have the best shot of getting a 2 bedroom villa at that time of the year? To increase my chances of getting a Beach Club Villa, is early November or early December a better time?

Two bedroom villas should be available right at 11 months but finding an owner with available points might be a challenge. You can only book exactly 11 months out. I would contact the rental companies, or look for a owner before that window opens.

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Contact the brokers a year ahead. Owners who want to rent their points out will be contacting them around then, and you have a better chance of getting a match with an owner ready at the 11 month mark.

But be sure of your dates. There is a no change and no cancellation policy - for good reasons to do with when points can be used before they expire.

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I have used David’s, and let they let you put your request in earlier than the 11 month mark, but won’t start looking for the reservation until 11 months out. Contact them, they are super helpful!