DVC presentation and ffp

I wanted to know if I watch a DVC presentation, what are the current promotions and if they offer FPP, what are the restrictions?

I think this depends on what kind of presentation you go to, and what the current offer is.

If you go to the one at Saratoga Springs, you will almost certainly get free transport before and after, ice-cream or even a meal and either a gift card or some FPs for everyone in your party who attends. Sometimes you get them for everyone staying in your room.

If you just look around a room at CCV itself, you may get Fps. But you may not! It probably depends on how busy they are, and how sales are going. And who’s the manager of the sales team that day.

It can also depend on whether you’re already a member (in which case you’ll likely get nothing), or have done a tour in the last 6 or 12 months.

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I did a presentation at DLR in July. By comparison this is a bit disappointing. I got 4 FPs each for my family and $100 GC, and snacks and sodas to take back to the room. Totally worth taking time from the parks. Not sounding like it is worth the time at WDW.

We did a tour of AKL in June and we were given 3 anytime fast passes each. They could not be used for FOP SDM or FEA.

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we got the same last january when we attended the presentation at saratoga springs

the only limitations on the FPs were no FOP or 7DMT

it took about 2.5 hours door to door, they did provide transportation both ways and we were offered snacks before and after

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That is good to hear. I think I will give them a call to confirm what they are offering at the time of my trip. Thank you.