DVC points stay - Fastpass+?

Hi guys!

I was considering utilizing David’s to get accommodations by renting DVC points. When you do this, when exactly are the reservations transferred to your name? Can you still make restaurant reservations 180 days out and Fastpass + reservations 60 days out? Or do you have to wait for 30 days out since you are technically not a Disney guest? Thanks!

180 and 60. You are staying on site.


We’re going on our first trip through Davids in 2 weeks.

The owner of the DVC points make the reservation in your name. Then link it to your account in MDE, and voila - on-site guest privileges. 180 is for everyone, and you get 60 days in advance for FP+.

The only quirk I’ve seen is that the DVC owner has to add a Dining Plan if you want it, and it doesn’t show up in MDE.

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I booked my trip through David’s, and once the transaction was completed by the points owner, everything was available in my Disney account. The entire process took 2-3 days. Was able to book restaurants at the 180 day mark and get my Fastpasses at the 60 day mark.

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Thank you guys!!!

Would you mind letting me know after you get back if you hit any snags? I probably won’t be booking until March or so… Thank you so much!!