DVC Pep talk? Any regrets?

It is so nice to have that extra space, the full kitchen, and the in-unit laundry. I’ve considered 1BR even when I don’t technically need it just because it’s so great.


It is soooo many more points! But I will have been in a hotel for almost a week for work before our next trip - so the extra space is looking good to me.

Then again I currently have club level AKL studio booked so…


We are very happy we bought when we did, it wasn’t even on our radar earlier …but we could have gone with more points. Absolutely no regrets on the purchase itself. We had to rent points out a few times with travel restrictions during the Dark Times but it was super easy. Now we’re back to scrounging for the next trips and wishing we had a few more!

VGF was our first home resort (resale). We considered Poly since the kids love it but we’re a 1 bedroom kinda family. The walk makes it even better. But we added on with SSR (also resale) because we found we didn’t really need the 11 month booking window most of the time, since we rarely do studios. Thanksgiving this year is the first time we’ve really needed it - and we did a studio because … crazy points. I never thought we’d go over a major US holiday (and pull my kids out of school to go at such a busy time) but it’s a family meet up so what could we do?

Also fwiw we’ve had our wait list requests come through more often than not. I think someone upthread said 70%, that sounds about right for us too.


We book 1 br for the kitchen (lower dining cost) and the laundry. That said, I’m not above using the free studio laundry, but the food cost is a big one, especially if you’re midday breakers like us who will eat most breakfast and lunch in the room.