DVC October through December Availability Issues

I had no problem booking by room at Boulder Ridge in June. However, from the middle of October till now I have only had a chance to secure a room twice at my home resort at the 11 month mark? Is this normal during this time of year?

Yep. That would be the busiest time of year at BRV and CCV both.
Lots of owners cannot get a stay at their own home resort

Thank the walkers.

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I wasn’t sure if it was worse this year due to all the banked points, or like you said the walkers. I’ve been online everday for the past 60 days just trying to reserve a room.

It’s always bad and probably all the more amplified with extra points still floating around. Another year and it should get righted. But it will never be a breeze to get those resorts from Oct-Jan

When I first bought Copper Creek I couldn’t book at 8am at 11 months but BR was available for those owners (only on that day). Up until Thanksgiving both CC and BR would be available for a short time (even 9 months out) but they are tough bookings. President’s week is another time I have watched and can be tough days after 11 months.

I think BR is tougher this year because they might have removed some room for the renovation.

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@KrispyMcDuck , also waitlists have never worked for me in December. My bookings are unusual since I will try usually try to add on a day at CC to be in the lodge in December for at least one night. I have booked nights three out of four Decembers since I bought (all studios). Once, I just found a Thursday/Friday night and booked it but the other two times I added a night after a Universal trip to go to a party and December 2022 I got a night after a GF stay. I started checked availability 2 days after my first desired day. You will often be able to pick up days as the walkers start dropping (if they are walking to Christmas).

This is my first year as DVC member so I wasn’t sure. I was also speculating may renovations but who knows.

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