DVC Mousekeeping

Staying 5 nights with 4 people in a BWV studio. It’s gonna get gross fast.

What is the Mousekeeping situation?

They come every 4th day I think (we only stayed 3 days so I can’t confirm.). They collect garbage every day and will replace sheets/towels/coffee/utensils and plates as requested. I can confirm we got very rapid response every time we called to request something extra at BLT and AKLJ (usually within 10 minutes). We had 2 wet bed incidents (one was just water) and they changed the sheets during the day or provided clean ones for us to replace.

Thanks. I stayed at BWV for three nights in Sept and garbage was never emptied. I was solo so not a big deal.

Do you know if 4th day is full cleaning and changing of linens?

I think its basically just vacuuming, trash, towels. Like I said though this isn’t based on my experience. We had trash picked up daily but never new towels or linens unless specifically requested.

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I spent 5 nights in OKW in September and they did refresh everything except for making the beds.


Yes, 4th day is a “full clean”. You’ll be given new linens but I don’t think they’re making beds on cleaning days now.

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We spent 10 days at Aulani. They took trash everyday and twice refreshed towels, maybe they vacuumed/swept (I couldn’t tell), they cleaned bathroom vanities. Didn’t touch bed linens.

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Thanks, everyone. I’ll probably have to request linens at least once. Gonna have a smelly beast of a 20 year old son in that room. Maybe we’ll put him in a sleeping bag on the balcony!

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Don’t you laugh. I will send you a sock!

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I still have a teenager at home, I have plenty of those things already :wink: I’m laughing w/ you… not at you :kissing_heart:

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