DVC Membership number question

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Question(s) for you:
I am currently waiting for my DVC Membership number to be mailed to me (we bought re-sale) is there a way to get that number before my packet arrives.

Does Disney express courier the packet or do you have to wait for snail mail?

I am hoping to make a reservation for May and I’d love to secure it before everything is gone :open_mouth:

I got a response from the agent that was working on my purchase…

“I believe Disney sends your documents and Member ID via FedEx. I see that your file closed on 11/25/14, it usually takes Disney about 14 days to get you your ID card. There really is not much we can do at this point, but wait on that package to arrive. Disney treats your Member ID like a social security number and will not give it out over the phone.”

Oh well - such is life :slight_smile: I have to be patient! Darn!

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