DVC Jambo "Partial View"

Looking for some help with knowing which rooms are DVC Standard rooms at Jambo House (Studio) that might have a partial view of the savanna, or any highly recommended DVC standard rooms, any help would be appreciated!

@PrincipalTinker suggestions were amazing!!!

I think many of them with partial views are down long hallways? Some of the pool views might have a more convenient location? When is your trip? I believe Len said they are updating AKL next month?

Not until April🙈 I’ll wait until he does that. I think my husband would really love a partial view even if it means a longer walk. All the Savanna views at Jambo we’re gone… but we LOVE Jambo so I’m ok with the Standard, especially if we can get a nice view😜

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I would suggest you look at the numbers for the pool view rooms and then request something far away.