Dvc home resort?

My family is seriously considering DVC but I’m having a hard time deciding on a home resort, and also wether to buy direct or resale. We are a family of 6, we would need a 2 br villa, so a bunch of points. We love the poly, but booking adjoining studios doesn’t appeal to me as much as the 2 br villas elsewhere. Bungalows are out of the question. Having said that, I would like to stay at the poly on occasion. I’m interested in old key west, wilderness lodge, and animal kingdom villas also. My question is, if I choose one of those as my home resort, what are my chances of booking poly at 7 months out if we want to stay there? We don’t usually travel at peak times but I know the studios are in high demand. I would love to hear others experiences with dvc membership and thoughts on home resort and buying direct vs resale.

Check out When to Book | DVC Rentals | David's Vacation Club Rentals - even though it is from a rental site, it gives a good idea of how far out you need to book a particular DVC resort / room type.

I have points at Boardwalk, Beach Club and Poly . Going to Poly first time in March(Easter). I booked it at 7 months with no problem, 2 studios group of 9. I don’t usually have a problem at 7 months with any resort. It’s when you try to book 3 or 4 months out that you run into difficulties. Most people will tell you resale is the way to go. Whatever your choice, research it thoroughly. It’s a big commitment. Good luck.

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Thank you! I’m leaning toward poly but we’ll see :wink: