DVC Guest Services on-site

We stayed at the BCV a few years ago, and there was a small guest services podium right off the (circular DVC) lobby. The CM there was able to book and change FP+'s for us like it was no big deal, including some stuff that showed as “sold-out” on the MDE site, like TSMM.

We are staying at VGF in a few weeks and our FP’s are all jacked up. Some of us got into TSMM, TT and 7DMT, but not all of us. These attractions are now all “sold out” on the relevant days, so I’m trying to think of a way to finagle our whole party into these attractions.

I know that FP availability can change as people change their plans, and that I should keep checking each day. However, was my experience at BCV with the CM getting us all into TSMM that same day just a stroke of luck? Or can these CMs work some magic on their end and, at their discretion, get guests FPs into otherwise “sold out” attractions?

Just want to know if I have a possible “Plan C” if online availability doesn’t open up.


pretty sure some luck. Was behind two people in line for DVC ?'s at BCV in December, they both had CM booking FPs and only certain blah ones were available. ( I overheard was trying to get a coffee pot that worked )

I would say it was mostly luck. They don’t have a secret stash of FP’s that aren’t available to the public. The act of booking them for you is merely a convenience but they use the same system.

Yeah, I figured that I just lucked out, but was hoping against hope. Thanks to you both.