DVC @ GF room request

Hello folks,
I love using Touringplans and have never had an issue.

I’m lucky enough to be staying in one of those newer refurbed DVC ‘resort’ studios at the Grand Floridian. I put in my room request and got an email back from Touringplans saying that I picked the wrong building and they would change the request back to the VGF (the old DVC building). This is incorrect and I’m trying to contact them…but for the life of me I cant find a way to email or call them (TourningPlans). Anyone have any advice?..or should I just call DVC myself and not use Touringplans for this?


@len ?

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Yeah waiting for this to be updated as well.


Try webmaster@touringplans.com.


Thank you!!
I’ve sent a note to the Webmaster email…hopefully that works.

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Should be updated. We got the new room data from Disney and updated the maps. David was working on it.

Is it not showing up?

I’d look but I’m in the MK with 4% battery.


It looks like it is now. I guess your automation bounced my request and sent me that reassignment email cause it had not been updated yet.

Save your battery…of all places!!

Thank you, all.