DVC for other destinations

Has anyone used their DVC points for cruises or destinations other than the theme parks? Is it economical? An easy process? Thanks!

It is pretty strongly recommended AGAINST for economical reasons. It is almost always a better financial decision to rent out your points and pay for the cruise/“Disney Collection”/etc. with that cash. The points required for these types of things are outrageous.

I do think it is a fairly straightforward process though.


How about for places like Aulani or Hilton Head?

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Those are different as they are actually DVC resorts and not part of the “collection.” You can book them just like a WDW resort at 7 months if you own elsewhere and they pretty much have regular points charts.


For example, a 4 night Caribbean cruise on the Magic starts at 106 points PER PERSON (Value) and goes up to around 160 for a ocean view in regular season. So that’s between 212 and 320 for the whole cruise, which is 53-80 points per night. (Family staterooms are looking at 200+ per person.)

76 points could get you a 2 bedroom with a theme park view at BLT for a night. Or an ocean view 2 bedroom at Aulani is only 84 points. At Hilton Head you could have a grand villa for 71 points.

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