DVC for family of 5?

I’m starting to do research on DVC and it really seems like families of 5 are tough to fit in DVC. Am I misunderstanding? I’d be interested in studios but most of those list 4 people and I find contradictions between sties, some say 4 others say 5, which is super confusing. Even many of the one bedrooms list 4? Then I’d have to bump up to a 2 bedroom which is a lot of points and hold 8 or 9 people. Thoughts or suggestions from other families of 5 would be great. Thanks!

Some studios have a pull down Murphy bed so can sleep 5.

I think the resorts are: Boardwalk, Boulder Ridge at WL, Poly, GF and Beach Club.

Some of the 1 bedrooms sleep 5, others only 4. The confusion comes with the fact that DVC owners can put 5 into some 1 beds but they will not provide beds or bedding, and will not allow non-owners to book these villas for 5. (As renters you would also be able to sleep 5 in them but have to provide bed and bedding). Mainly this was to allay the criticism that the studios can sleep 5 but not the 1-bed villas. N

So officially, the following 1-bed villas sleep 5:
AKL Jambo (NOT value)
AKL Kidani

These can sleep 5 if you own or are renting from an owner:
Beach Club
Boulder Eidge at WL

Unsure on Copper Creek at WL

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