DVC financial spreadsheet

Does anyone have a spreadsheet that you made to do the math on costs/future value/investment comparisons? I’ve started to make something, but why completely reinvent the wheel?
In the brief bit that I’ve been playing with this, maintenance fees seem to be the biggest factor driving total price of the life of a contract. I always figured Saratoga Springs was the way to go, but I’m finding that the right BLT contract could be better.

I have heard that the only smart way to do it is to pay for the DVC upfront. Any gain is lost by financing. Buying resale seems to be the best deal. I know there is a cost analysis out there.

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Oh absolutely, no way would we finance it. I don’t want to put in the formulas for if I got x% on the initial investment and paid cash each year to see what the money would look like

OK, I don’t mean to sound like a smart-ass, but why don’t you go to Google and search for “dvc purchase spreadsheet”? Lots of results.

All right, maybe I do mean to sound like a smart-ass. But If I really wanted to be a smart-ass, I would have just posted this link http://lmgtfy.com/?q=dvc+purchase+spreadsheet


Probably because I was too verbose in my googling and didn’t search for the right thing.

Though if everyone used Google, forums like this would have minimal benefit. (“How do I pick my fast passes? Oh let me just Google that and I’ll eventually find a blog post somewhere” “what’s the website for a bog adr?”) Sometimes getting a personal response is more valuable (I googled that same question, and after trying out lots of different options, this is what worked best for me, and here are tweaks I made)


I need to clean it up to make it presentable to the world, but it turns out I couldn’t find one that I liked very much, so I made my own. I made certain assumptions in it, but they were similar to this article http://www.mouseplanet.com/dtp/dvc/3_Debate/cost_evaluation_comments.htm .

One thing I found is that the length of the contract and the MX fees on a contract are the real driving factor in the overall cost, and surprisingly, Bay Lake Towers might be the best value for price per point over the life of a contract.