DVC contact

I have been trying to call DVC for days with questions about our reservation with nothing but a busy signal. Has anyone been able to get through? With no contact I will be forced to cancel our vacation (may be anyway). I’m sure they are inundated, but it seems like over 3 days of trying i’d get through at some point. almost like they don’t want to talk to people.

Have you tried chat?

i’m showing chat unavailable on the DVC site.

I logged in earlier today and chat was there. Some people have suggested refreshing.

I will check in a bit. could be that my work computer doesn’t work with the site as well as my personal computer. Thanks everyone. Phone number is still busy.

I’ve called in successfully two times this past week and spoke with two lovely CMs about our DVC stuff. I did try today (sat.) and got a busy signal. I just went ahead and cancelled our Nov home resort reservation online (cuz we don’t think it’ll be safe to fly yet and Aulani isn’t open or has an ETA for opening). I think they must be really busy since they dropped all the news this week about everything. I guess I got lucky in calling before the all the BIG news dropped.

Never got anything but a busy signal on the phone but did get through on chat to cancel the trip. Sucked to cancel. Still haven’t gotten to go on our first DVC trip since we bought the contract last April.:disappointed:

Oh, @theyarbroughfam We just bought our DVC in Jan and have yet to use it either :frowning: I feel you! I keep playing with it though. I booked a Savanah view D.Studio on the DVC Moonlight Magic night hoping one night in September will be safe enough. Can’t wait <3