DVC Confirmed Reservation

I have a confirmed reservation at Boardwalk Villas in a Boardwalk View deluxe studio room 3/12-3/19 I am interested in selling. If you are interested please pm me here.

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Anyone interested in this reservation?

Sorry - I’m not interested but I’m commenting to hopefully get more eyeballs on your post. :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with the rules, but isn’t that far enough in the future that you can modify to something else? Maybe rent out the points?

I read it that they maybe purchased it and can’t use it, in which case I think the only option is to re-sell it?

IDK though.

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I am the DVC owner and yes it is far enough out, but the points are from several different years. Being Spring Break for some, I thought someone might be interested instead of canceling and then worrying about using points before they expire.


Got it! That is a lucrative reservation so worth asking.

I know this is a long shot as it was posted a few months ago, but any chance this is still available?

Hello. I’m so sorry this isn’t available anymore.