DVC combining my points reservation and a rented one

I’m a DVC owner and I have enough points to book 4 studios at OKW for 5 nights, but I want 6 nights. If I rent points and reserve the 4 studios for the 6th night, is there any chance they would let us stay in our rooms and not have to check out/check in for the 6th night? Also, I know DVC will let you buy one-time use points if you are short, but I thought it was only 25 points and I need more than that.

There is a chance but no guarantee. You’d have to call member services to ask them to link the reservations

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We are relatively new DVC owners but I have also seen where people can transfer points to you to use like your own instead of renting, that way it could be a continuous reservation. I know Disney says that you can’t purchase from other members but it seems to happen all the time from what I have seen.

Assuming the same room category is booked for both, then the answer is “maybe”.

You can put in a request on your reservation quoting the rented reservation number.

And you would need to ask the owner you rented from to also put a request in and quoting your own reservation number too.

I don’t know if Member Services can link them if you don’t own both reservations.

And then remind them at the front desk when you arrive. They may be able to tell you then if you can stay in the room, or you may need to wait until change-over day.

And be aware you usually still need to check out and in again, but that would only take a few minutes.

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It’s a much riskier transaction for the owner to do a transfer. It’s final, so if the points are transferred and the buyer fails to pay the balance the only recourse is the courts. And you can only have one transfer per membership per use year, either in or out.

Few members will want to do a transfer of just a few points for that reason.

It also requires a three way call to Member Services, during which no one should mention anything about payment, otherwise MS will cancel the transfer immediately.

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Thanks for the replies. It wouldn’t be until March of 2021, but ya gotta plan ahead for that 11 month window! I would think that putting the 1 night rented reservation at the end might give the best chance of letting us stay put.

I’ve just read this again.

So you’re wanting to book 4 studios, each for 6 nights. But you only have points for 4 studios for 5 nights each, so you plan to rent one night for each of 4 studios.

IOW, you need points for 24 nights but only have points for 20 nights,

So why not book 3 studios for 6 nights (18 points) and then rent points for the last studio? That way there’s no risk of having to move rooms?


@Nicky_S Yes, that’s a good idea. Definitely a possibility. Thanks.

Thanks, good to know. We hadn’t had a need to do this, I just saw some stuff about it when we were considering buying into DVC.
I didn’t know if there was a similar 3rd party site like David’s that did the same thing for transfers as they do for rentals, but would be curious.
When we needed more points this last year we bought a second contract to give us more flexibility for planning going forward, but if that comes up again my husband may kill me if I mention buying more points, so that may be a safer option if it exists.

You could contact your DVC guide and see if they could help.

Guides are usually just involved with securing contracts. Not with reservations so much.

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It’s always been my understanding that they could assist if there was a problem.

You can also rent additional points from DVC – I’ve never done this but its on the DVC page. Probably it would cost more and I don’t know how many you can rent or if it would be enough for you, but it would have the value of enabling you to do all the reservations for all the nights you need and so ensure no need to change rooms.

You can only buy 25 points at the 7 months mark. I think OP said they needed more than that.

But this isn’t a problem. It’s a case of not having enough points to book what they want - that’s normal!

Guides do not do anything with reservations except for a welcome home reservation for new direct buyers. Member Services are the CMs to help with problems.


The part of the problem I was addressing was linking the 2 reservations. Member services would be the CM to call to get them linked.

To update my OP, I did talk to member services and they said to link the reservations and mention it at check in. They try to not make people move, but it isn’t guaranteed.