DVC booking input - what would you do?

Multi-generational family and friend trip for August 2021. 4 adults including my parents (60-65 age bracket), myself, 35 yo, my friend from college, 36 yo.

We had a great trip booked on rental points for May 2020, but that had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. My parents became DVC members approx. a year ago, but we have re-scheduled due to the COVID-19 situation from our plans for May 2021.
Our main interests with respect to hotel right now is ability to host everyone comfortably overnight (keep in mind that these are 3 separate households who don’t know each other very well) and transportation to parks (walking is best, we are all high energy people). My dad really appreciates a good view (we currently have a BW view studio booked for several nights which is great from a view perspective, but bad in terms of space).
I’m an associate on my parent’s DVC contract which in practice means that I make the decisions but they put up the money upfront so I want to do what is in their best interests (I plan all the Disney trips for them regardless of DVC contracts). We’re looking to cover our delayed trip in early Aug 2021 with 2019 and 2020 points which total at 292 points.

What would you do and why? Here are our options for the same dates (Aug 1-8/9th):

Option # 1
2 nights walking distance to MK in a big room (BLT lake view 1 bedroom) + 2 nights walking distance to HS in big room no view (BW 1 bedroom stand view) + 4 nights savanna view big room (AKV savanna view 1 bedroom) Total points =288

Option # 2
2 nights in smaller room - boat to MK or long walk (Poly studio) + 2 nights walking distance to HS in big room (1 bedroom BW view) + 4 nights savanna view big room (AKV 1 bedroom savanna view)
Total points = 268

Option # 3
2 nights walking distance to MK in a big room (BLT lake view 1 bedroom) + 2 nights walking distance to HS in big room BW view (1 bedroom BW view) + 3 nights savanna view big room (AKV 1 bedroom savanna view)
Total points = 264

Two things: your AKL 1 bedrooms are at Kidani for the two bathrooms? You and your friend will share a bed in BW (if not, #1 have you considered a BW studio for the extra sleep surface)?

I vote #1 only for the extra night at AKL.

Is the AKL room at Kidani or Jambo?

Jambo is a ghost town just now, ghost village may be a better description. Only the DVC rooms are open and the pool. The pool bar is sometimes open, unsure if it’s just at the weekends, and the Mara is open for a limited breakfast with no hot items. That’s it.

Kidani would get you the extra bathroom. I would definitely go with Kidani.

I would rule out #2, 4 people sharing a studio would be a hard no when 1 of them is unrelated to the others.

I haven’t stayed at BWV so I really can’t make a call on Standard vs Boardwalk view.

There is a pull out in the 1 bedroom for an extra sleep surface at BW. We didn’t use it so I don’t know how comfortable it is.

A bed in the bedroom and three sleep surfaces in the living room (couch bed plus a pull down)? The studios have a pull down but the 1 bedrooms shouldn’t (studios sleep 5, 1 bedrooms sleep 4)?

Oh. I was thinking this was basically getting two if each kind of room. One room for the parents, etc. I guess it doesn’t say that.

In that case I can’t imagine having 4 adults share a single studio at BLT!

No, four adults (two not related) sharing the two sleep surfaces in the BW 1 bedroom. I think you read it right the first time but that was my question. There is an extra sleep surface in the studio at BW.

Yes, the AKL 1 bedroom is at Kidani for the 2 bathrooms.

BW 1 bedroom vs studio is a dilemma because of the sleep surface issue. We will bring an air mattress if we stay in the 1 bedroom which I will use. We actually have 3 nights in a BW view studio booked. It was available over the weekend for August 6-9th so I jumped on that. After considering further, I think the room is too small for our group (my dad agrees). My dad also prefers weekdays for HS touring.

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You have to go with your priorities. Who would sleep on the air mattress?

The AKL 1 bedroom will be at Kidani for the 2 bathrooms plus the onsite food options. Though, Sanna is not currently serving breakfast? I was checking dining options and breakfast there was not listed. We loved their breakfast on a previous trip; hopefully, it returns at some point. With the full kitchen, we may just make our own breakfast.

Agreed. The Polynesian studio is more manageable because of the extra half bath and larger size, but still a studio.

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Sanaa is serving breakfast. It is the usual QS breakfast: grab and go and some entrees you order and seat yourself.

Adding menu link https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/animal-kingdom-villas-kidani/sanaa/menus/breakfast/


I would absolutely not share a bedroom / studio with DH and someone unrelated to me. If that makes sense?

Sharing a room with a friend, in a bed each - sure.

Sharing a hotel room with DH and our adult sons - yes, if necessary. We did in DC with the youngest, and both of them for a couple of nights.

But sharing a room with DH and DS and a friend of DS - no way. Or DH and one of our friends - no way.


I would sleep on the air mattress.

The big draw of a BW view room would be seeing fireworks at EP from the room, but that depends on Harmonious’s opening date. If I’m sleeping on an air mattress, that makes it a little bit better.

For me, the main point of staying at BW is for walking distance to HS and EP. Neither the 1 bedroom or the studio are the best choices for our group. The BLT and Kidani 1 bedrooms are much better rooms. If a studio was available for 2 nights mid-week, I’d probably go for that. I don’t want to finish the trip in the studio. The final weekend will be when we are most likely to spend time in the room. We’d really prefer to finish off in the Kidani savanna view 1 bedroom.


Only 1 bedrooms available for those middle dates?

I have traveled many times with my son and different girlfriends, almost always in a studio. My priority at Disney is always getting as much sleep as possible, in the best bed. I think my husband would be very uncomfortable in a studio with my son and his girlfriend. Go with #1 if you can!

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I originally suggested sticking to all 1 bedrooms for this reason. My mom asked me to book the BW studio because it was too good to pass up and now we are attached to the BW view.

If BW 1 bedrooms had a 3rd sleep surface, I would have gone directly to that. My suggestion for the trip was split stay between BLT and Kidani (1 bedrooms at both). 2 great resorts with the right room layout for everyone to be comfortable. My dad really wants to stay at BW though.

The Polynesian studio option was more of a way of making the points work out. Realistically, it’s not going to happen. The realistic Option # 2 is keep the BW studio for Aug 6 - 9th and book a second regular hotel room for my friend and myself. Unfortunately, BW Inn isn’t open yet so we’d be over at Yacht Club.

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Have you checked to see if there’s a BWV studio available through Disney? Not sure how the cost would compare to the YC.


Standard view studios available through Disney at Boardwalk Villas. Essentially, the same nightly rate as YC standard view rooms, $572.25 for YC, $580 for BW studio (including tax). No discount available for these dates yet (there is one through July 10th). My parents do have APs so something may be available at a later date.

We’re discussing this evening.


Yes, only the 1 bedrooms have consecutive night availability mid-week.
A few days ago, I booked the BW 1 bedroom standard view for 8/3 - 8/5 knowing it wouldn’t stick around long. I still have the BW view studio booked for 8/6-8/9. If we keep the studio, we would probably book a 2nd room for those dates.

There is plenty of availability in the BLT 1 bedrooms lake views and Kidani 1 bedroom savanna views so we can book those around whatever we decide. We’re discussing this evening.


FWIW, we did go with Option # 1 for a bit: Option # 1
2 nights walking distance to MK in a big room (BLT lake view 1 bedroom) + 2 nights walking distance to HS in big room no view (BW 1 bedroom stand view) + 4 nights savanna view big room (AKV savanna view 1 bedroom) Total points =288

My mother was NOT ok with the air mattress option and voiced her option to my dad. Also, bear in mind, that my parents were pretty sure that they were going to fly down from NY to FL which is fine for the most part , but not the best solution when they need to bring an extra bed. My family is notorious for not being efficient (regarding RD) and not good at bringing extra items (like air mattresses :wink:). There is no way they are bringing an air mattress from NY to FL when they are flying down. Nope, we will be spending the first day of vacation searching for said air mattress to purchase.

So we eliminated any option relying on an air mattress.

After a lot of thinking and considering, we came up with this solution (partly because I found a couple of nights available for a 1 bedroom standard view villa at BLT ) : 1 bedroom BLT (standard view) July 31 - August 2, 2021, Followed by August, 2nd to Friday, Aug, 6th at Kidani Village, Savanna View.

So now everyone is happy

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How are you managing the BW sleeping surface? Will you and your friend share the couch?