DVC (BLT) over New Years

I have read about the need to ‘walk a reservation’ in order to get a standard studio at BLT. Does anyone have experience with this? I am torn about what to do Any recommendations about successfully acquiring such a room would be greatly appreciated. I know there are DCV specific discussion sites but I have grown to trust my liner friends.

I have no idea what it means to “walk a reservation”, but I’m intrigued! Can’t wait to hear what folks have to say.

Interested thanks hear about this, I can only get lake view.

Are you an owner or a renter? You might not have to walk the reservation if you rent, but you will likely pay a premium. Are you just looking for New Year’s Eve?

Walking the reservation is booking whatever days you can and then adjusting the reservation by a single day or two as they become available. You can waitlist the days and/or just keep checking for availability.


Well I am currently reading 2 threads on Mouseowners all about this very subject, and it isn’t pretty reading :sob:

It’s getting harder and harder, with people being shut out of studios at the 11 month window at various resorts including BLT and BRV.

Standard rooms at BLT go very quickly, your chances are not great unless you can walk. I wouldn’t bank on getting one and be prepared to go for a Lake View. We managed to book a Lake View 1 bed at less than 7 months when arranging our last trip over Christmas and New Year. Got Christmas and NY weekends in a Lake View. It was the following 3/4 nights that will as tough.

Honestly I don’t see very many owners posting on here. For DVC info Mouseowners is a fantastic site, lots of advice from people who have owned for many many years. And there are a lot of people who join before taking the plunge and we watch them as they edge towards being owners. :grinning:


Owner…trying to ensure we get a room.

We may have to do this. I hate having to ‘play the game’ but I want to ensure my family gets the room.

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Yeah, I’ve never walked a reservation yet either, but if I have to in order to get what I want then I’ll just have to do it.

If he was a renter (which we now know he isn’t), the owner booking his room would still have to walk the reservation to get it though, so it’ would still be happening.

Now most owners I have ‘met’ on forums would not do that for a renter unless they were doing it privately and, as you say, for a premium.

So it’s January, wouldn’t a BLT owner have be able to book 12/31 already? I assume when you rent at 11 months you are renting from a BLT owner.

I realize that if the night isn’t open that everyone would have to walk, but if he had contacted David’s in December, then on 1/1 someone should have been able to at least try to get the room without walking.

Where do you own? Are you at least booked there right now to ensure you get a room at all?

11 months out from 12/31 is around the end of January, you’re ahead of yourself lol!

But it now makes sense why you said if he rented you wouldn’t need to walk :grin:

My bad, I was under the impression that the whole month opened at one time. Didn’t realize it was down to the days. Everything I’ve seen has said 11 months, is there a specific number of days? How does booking say for Jan 31 go? You can’t book on Feb 31…

To note, I’m awaiting ROFR as we speak!

It’s to the day that booking opens. So today (Jan 12th) I can book for up to 7 days with a check-in date on or before Dec 12th at BLT and on or before Aug 12th for any other DVC resort. If I want to stay for longer I’ll have to wait and add on.

On your DVC notifications page it tells you when you can book for, updated daily, including home resort, other DVC and also the other Disney park resorts etc.

Now for your second question, I can book on March 1st 2018 for Jan 31st 2019.

There’s a handy calculator on your DVC dashboard where you can put in the date you want and it tells you when you can book (and where i.e.: your home resort).

Thanks for the responses @Nickysyme and everyone. I guess I’ll just have to check each morning and be ready to pounce if I see something.