DVC availability in October

Hi all,
Should I even bother trying to do request a rental for October? Do David’s and DVC rental store book out way in advance? I have always booked through Disney so I’m super nervous to approach this but the savings are crazy. I would definitely get travel insurance for peace of mind. We do currently have two connecting rooms booked at Boardwalk but I’d love to save some money plus have the laundry and living room area. (2 adults, 4 kiddos)
For any who have rented, which company is better go through?

I like to use this tool:


You can also search the rental sites for confirmed reservations.

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How old is the youngest child? If under 3 they will not count for room occupancy and so you could potentially do a 1-bedroom at BWV as a rental, albeit there are only beds for 4.

Unless you can find a confirmed rental your chances are slim for BWV, it’s showing just a few odd nights here and there.

If you want to do more than 4 nights, the resorts that currently have availability in 1 or 2 beds are Saratoga, Old Key West, Boulder Ridge and Kidani (other than Poly bungalows or CCV cabins).

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She’s 7 so we can’t do the 1 bedrooms anymore :frowning: Thanks for checking!

Thanks, I’ve never seen this one before. Now I know to look a lot sooner but we didn’t have confirmed dates until yesterday!

It looks like SSR is available most of the month.


For future information, the challenge for the rental stores is that DVC in general books up way in advance and rhey can only book what is avaialble. DVC is booking particularly quickly and who knows of that will continue to be the norm.

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