DVC and touring plan room requests

So this is the first time Ive used touring plans and first time I rented points to stay DVC we are doing a split between GFV and Poly Villas

Will the touring plans room request work with DVC anyone had an experience?

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Worked for us at OKW

Sometimes they do.

But DVC periodically tells it’s members they prefer to receive them through Member Services, and some resorts simply bin any faxes. Unfortunately, that means the owner will need to phone it in for you. You could always ask them, or the broker.

Edit to add: for the benefit of others, if you book a DVC villa direct through Disney the fax will work fine.

We have rented points to stay at BLT and BCV. We’ve had good luck with TP room requests at both resorts.

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Thank you for putting my mind at ease! Haha

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Keep in mind that it’s just a request and not a guarantee. We’ve gotten our request exactly once and then the complete opposite one other time. Also, when you check in , if you’re not satisfied with your room, you can always see what else is available.

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You can ask. But if you are renting, be very careful. You cannot change room category or it will cost extra points. And this will seriously annoy the owner, even if you pay the extra promptly. They may have been needing those points for their next trip.

IMO, the CMs should not upgrade anyone who is not the owner, but it does happen. They often don’t even say anything, assuming you know. They might just say “we have a theme park view studio, would you like that?”.