DVC 2 bedroom Villas

Do all the DVC 2 bedroom villas have one of the bedrooms with 2xqueen beds? We wish to have one room for us and daughter plus other bedroom for friend who is coming with us.

Not all. Some have bedrooms 1 queen bed and a sleeper sofa. You’ll have to look at all of the floor plans to see what you can find, and it varies within each property. Bay Lake Tower, for example, has a combination of true 2 bedroom units and a 1 bedroom unit that connects to a studio.

Where there are 2 types of 2 bed villa, you’ll need to book a “2 bedroom villa”, (often referred to as a dedicated 2bed villa), not a “lock-off 2 bed villa”.

The “lock-off” villas are a 1 bed villa with adjoining studio, where they unlock the doors between them.