During our stay at WDW rented suite at Universal

Well I broke down and rented a Suite at Portifino for one night while I’m already paying for a Villa at BW. Did the math and it’s not bad. Express pass $35 per day per person X 6 adults = $420. Suite at Portifino with Military discount $495 including tax. When you add in early entry to wwohp and one extra day of parking it’s costing me $60 and I don’t have to drive home to WDW in the evening I think it is worth it.

Anyone else do this? Am I nuts?

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I am missing something in the math. 6*35=210. I have thought about staying at Uni at the end of our next trip just to get the onsite perks. I can’t afford to pay for an unused room. Sounds like a fun trip to me.

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$35 per day so $70 per person

By staying one night you get express pass for check in and check out days

Thinking Express is worth more. Park to Park w Express is 189 w/o is 139 for a difference of 53 per person. 53x6 is 318 but includes EE which could (if you do it right) give you the best shot at Gringots and is therefore definitely added value. You’ll have to decide if that value is worth the difference btw you stay at 495 and 318 which is the guesstimated value of Expess= ie Is 177 worth express and early entry for you guys? Of course, this is before you buy tickets, pay for food, etc which will add 139x6 for park hoppers= 834 (you can maybe get discounted tickets on base) plus- say- another 300 for food bringing your total to around 495+834+300= 1600 for one day. Or, something like that.

Keep in mind you get EE day of check-in and day if check-out so- if you do this- that’ll bring your total up but you could find a 2 day park hopper (maybe mil discount) deal

Another option worth looking at is a couple rooms at Cabana Bay which gets you EE but no Express.


@sam2071 on the day I’m going , Sept 10th the express pass is $35 per person per day. So for two days it is $420. I have to pay to park at Hotel, which I thought was wierd but only once instead of twice which would be the case if I drove two desperate day to the parks.

I was always planning on going to Universal so ticket expense is the same. Also food expense would be the same.

Actual $$$$ cost to me by my calculation is $55 over and above not getting the suite and for that I get the early entry both days and a pool to go to during the heat if the day.

I booked the villa at BW by renting points or I would cancel a day there.

Still I think $55 is worth those perks. Wondering if anyone else has done this.

Heck yes! Totally worth it. I had EE and Express maybe a month ago when the crowds were near peak. Did DA w Gringots, Hogwarts and all else was practically a walk-on w Express and this was on peak crowds. Sure, plenty have done what you’re about to do. Staying on property is the only was to tour UOR in my opinion and especially with DA on a touring plan. IF you do EE right, it’s well worth 55!

I think it’s a great idea, though why not do it at the end or beginning of your trip? Do you have airline tix that you can’t change?

Guessing b/c he wants EE both check-in and out which means he’ll have to be already be in Orlando the night before (so not at the beginning) and prob wants a full day at the end (so not at the end unless there’s a late flight)

@iheartepcot yes I already have plane tickets and don’t want to pay to change. If I would have done this right I would have added to the end but both travel days, beginning and end have will not have parks visits for me.

Thanks for the input

No, doesn’t sound nuts to me. Like you say, only $55 more and you get EE, pool and don’t have the bother of driving back in the evening. Sounds like you got a great price for the suite at portofino too.

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@ellenia, yes got a great rate because my Son in law is in the military . I’m so proud if him and it’s paying off for me too😀

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I think it’s a great way to do it @stonecold. If you’re going to really see UOR, you might as well maximize your experience. That’s what I think anyway.

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So I guess I’m not crazy or wasting money. Yeah for Liner support!

Actually, the cost of 2-park express on 9/10 is $56, you may have been looking at the 1 park price. So it is an even better deal!

You can find the express price calendar here:

@skubersky , I stand corrected!!! Now I realize I’m actually saving over $100 by booking the Suite.

I not only don’t think I’m crazy, I’m a FREAKING genius!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Not far from my 53. :slight_smile: Just sayin.

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Definitely worth the money! It’s the only way to do a once a year visit to Universal (in my opinion). We love staying onsite and having early entry and unlimited express. Hope you have a fantastic trip!

You were right also @sam2071.

I’m curious about your trip @stonecold and whether you were happy with your choice to stay onsite at UOR.