Duration of Brown Derby Lunch? 70 Minutes till Droid Depot enough?

Hello there!

I have an 12:40pm ADR for the Brown Derby followed by a 1:50pm Reservation for WDW Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Custom Astromech Units

Is there anough time for a Party of six to finish lunch without rushing it? Is service and kitchen fast enough? i don’t want to be charged 99$ no show fee and not be able to take a droid home with me.

I would say it is not enough time. HBD is one of those meals that always takes us around 90 minutes.

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I’ve had very uneven service there, but it seems like a 90-minute meal to me under any circumstances.

If you really wan to keep the reservation then I would suggest arriving 30 minutes early and hoping to be seated early. Also, during that time your party can look at the menu and be ready to order when seated, which should speed things up. When we’ve wanted to get somewhere right after, we’ve ordered everything (including dessert) up front, which cuts down on some waiting as well.

Arriving early ist not an option, since we attend Indiana Jones wich ends 10min prior. So i have to work on Droid Depot’s end.

Thank you!

First of all good choice…One of my favorite dining establishments…I think 70 minutes is cutting it close because you have to consider walking time too… BD is expensive and you’ll want to relax and enjoy a good meal.

Update: i got an Droid Depot Reservation at 2:30pm now, wich should allow a much more relaxed dining experience.