Duplicate resort reservation?

OK I’m a bit confused…recently made my reservation for WL, 5 nights, it shows up in MDE w/ correct res number etc…but today when I called and had my reservation modified (to get free dining), it did update the total $$$$ but now it shows “multiple accommodations” and when I look at my WL res it says (2 rooms). I don’t need/have 2 rooms booked, not sure what’s going on. Still shows the appropriate total dollar amount and my cc was only charged for one $200 deposit. Any clue?

Undoubtedly a glitch brought on by an outrageous volume of reservations being made and changed. I’d give it a week or so, and if it doesn’t straighten itself out, call and have them fix it.

Kind of what I thought. I’ll do that.

@bswan26 - I was told many of the technical difficulties were worked out yesterday and the call volume/hold times normalized so I decided to give them a call to get this straightened out. While going through the menu I logged into MDE to grab my reservation number and the glitch was already worked out just like you thought it might be! :smiley:

Take a screen shot - then give it a few days and call back to get it fully worked out.