Dummy Reservation

When using the trick that shall not be named…

Making a dummy reservation for the purpose of ADR’s does the reservation need to be one night or will it require me to make a reservation for all the days I want ADR’s?

It should give you length of stay +10

Found are making a resort reservation, paying the $200 or one night down payment- to make ADRs? You can make ADRs for the days of your reservation at day 180 up to 10 days.

I will be renting DVC points for a trip May 14-21 but havent finished the rental yet to add the trip to MDE So if I make a dummy reservation on a separate MDE can I then cancel it and keep the reservations? I am somewhat confused how it all works!

You don’t need any hotel reservation to make an ADR for days that are 180 days out or less. You have several days already within 180 days. ADR’s only need a WDW reservation if you are trying to do ones within 180+10. You can make a hotel reservation now, and cancel as soon as you are within 180 days for your last day without affecting your ADRs.

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oh my thanks I feel silly now

We’re going to WDW next year and are having a spilt stay. It’s our 50th anniversary and we wan the best chance to book V&A for our anniversary. Problem is it occurs during our 2nd half of our stay. In order to have the best chance to get the reservation, I’d like to be able to book all our ADR’s as part of our 1st stay. I understand creating a “dummy” reservation for the duration of the complete trip can accomplish this , however, how do I then link the ADR’s to the actually reservations before cancelling the dummy stay.

You don’t actually need a reservation to make ADRs (think of all the offsite folks who still get them), the reservation just allows you to book 180 + 10 days out (rather than just 180 days out). So, once you are past 180 days from the last ADR you make, you no longer need a reservation.

Our next trip is going to be a split stay between 3 resorts, I am also strongly considering using this technique for ADRs too.