Dummy account question please

I’ve set up a dummy account and bought my MVMCP tickets, they will arrive by post next month. My question is how do I link my dummies to my real account. On my real account I’ve gone into add friends & family, and I’ve added my Dummy names and said I’m in charge of them, but how do I link the dummy tickets please?

Why are you trying to link them to your main account? I’m assuming you made a second account to try and use 3 more fast passes. In that case you don’t want them linked to your main account. Just use the physical card to get entry to the party and to scan at the FP kiosks. You won’t be able to use your magic bands for this purpose.

Thanks, I read that I could put my Dummy names under family & friends and be able to book FP at 60 days that way. I don’t need to book FP’s that early so you think it would be safer to keep them separate?

As far as I know you won’t be able to book FPP for the dummy account under your main account. Typically you are limited to those on your room reservation unless it’s under the 30 days in which case it may let you book for anyone that is linked and setup to allow the friend/family to alter their plans. It’s probably easiest just to log into the dummy account at 30 days and just make the FPP directly from that account.

Last year, I was able to make FP for my dummy profiles at the 60 day mark when they were linked as “friends and family” on my true MDE. The dummy profiles were not part of my hotel reservation. With the updates to MDE that happened this spring, I don’t know if this loophole was closed or not. I personally chose to link my dummy profiles to my true MDE as it makes it easier for me to manage FP via a single MDE. But as @Outer1 said there is no reason to link if you are ok with managing the FPP for the dummy profiles in the dummy MDE account and you are not interested in seeing if the loophole from last year works again.

Your party tickets are already linked in the dummy MDE to each individual dummy profile, correct? You did that at time of purchase?

Should you decide you want to try for the 60 day loophole here is the answer. Delete the dummy profiles you have created in your true MDE account. You need to send a friends and family request to your dummy MDE. Go to friends and family. Select add. Select from his/her name. Enter the names but then select “I want to send an invitation to connect”. You will enter the email associated with your dummy MDE. Your dummy MDE will get a notification and will need to approve this request. Once you have the main dummy profile linked, you can add the other dummy profiles managed by the dummy MDE. Go to friends and family. Select add. Select “From people I may Know” You should see a list of all the dummy profiles managed by the dummy MDE. Click each person and add. Again because the dummy MDE manages them, the dummy MDE will need to approve the request.


Thank you much appreciated