Dummy Account MNSSHP 2016

I see. I didn’t realize that creating “dummy” accounts was not against the rules. The way all this has been reading to someone less experienced, such as myself, was that there seemed to be a bit of an undertone of secrecy where Disney was concerned and them possibly finding out what you all were up too. More clearly stated, that you all preferred that they didn’t find out.

As far as the time overlaps, those hours that you all wish to specifically have these fastpasses for… it does seem that while you are, “getting the full benefits of what you paid for” would have to by default, be cutting into the benefits of what others paid for. For example, those people who can’t afford to go to the party at all… but will be in the park for the regular park hours. What you all are doing will then cut into their ability to get fastpasses for rides and experiences during their paid for time in the park? no?

I understand that they only allow 3 FP no matter what tickets you have… I was moreso throwing out the rhetorical question of why the heck don’t they change that so that you guys don’t feel the need to be making and linking dummy accounts to fool the system.
It was a, “they should just go ahead and change that” kind of statement.

That being said, it would seem that even if they did allow 3FP per ticket, they would only allow those FP with the party ticket to be scheduled during the party itself, not during the overlap hours so as not to affect those who paid their day for the park, but did not pay for the party.

I am not sure I agree about anyone being “punished” if the system is set that all people get the same thing… then if you make all your FP for early in the day, you could conceivable just set up more for the hours in question… the overlapping busy hours between end of park hours and party? Again, I realize the more popular rides probably would be harder to get… but that is the nature of the system for everyone from the get go, and there is a lot of luck involved in which ones you manage to score, and which you don’t. That “punishment” or “benefit” is equally distributed among all ticket purchasers it would seem.

Again, as I am sure you can easily see in my writing here, I have little insight into all of this… maybe it isn’t a big deal. Maybe you all earned this. Maybe Disney doesn’t care at all… it really won’t directly impact my day in the park, as I will not be attending MK on a party day.
Reading these threads about all this however, has made me glad that was my decision.

It’s my paid time too. Regardless if the party ticket is mine or some stranger’s that party ticket still gets 3 pre booked 3FPP. So no it is not cutting into anyone else’s FPP availability. My regular day entry ticket still gets 3 pre booked FPP. So the bottom line FPP being used does not change. 3 for a regular entry and 3 for a party ticket sold. Actually because the party ticket in this case is not linked to a reservation, there is a disadvantage of not being able to book until 30 days. The party ticket will get the left overs from those guests with onsite stays and regular tickets or main account linked party tickets.

I am 100% sure Disney is aware as they closed the 60 day loophole for the party ticket this year. They are also aware of the issue of un-ticketed, expired cards and magic bands being able to book same day FPP at the Kiosks. I expect that loophole will be closed soon.

ahhhhh the magic of Disney…
“look away look away”

I feel like I am too naive to be seeing and learning all this “behind the curtain” stuff!! LOL

I’m losing my innocence!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

When someone without any other ticket at all purchases a party event ticket… does Disney allow them to make FP reservations starting at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm… or at 7pm… when the party officially begins? I recall the time when we went the party ticket did get us into the parks somewhat before the start of the party. I remember thinking, “how the heck do they keep track of who has paid to be at the party, and who needs to go home?” Wrist bands I think it was.

If Disney thinks this is all well and good, why are they closing loopholes? If it doesn’t impact nonparty ticket goers… why bother?
I know nothing about the “issue of unticketed” nor anything about magic bands being able to create FP at kiosks. Are you saying, for example, I claim we lost a magicband… get a new one… create our rightful 3 FP… but bring our old band to the park, and create another three with that?

Interestingly enough, I will be attending MK on two party days but will not be attending the party this year :laughing: Honestly there are not enough people working this extra FPP for party tickets to really change my experience as a non party guest. I love MK during the day on party nights because it is always less crowded. Now what the parties do cause it very crowded MK when parties are not scheduled. Everyone flocks for MK that day for the longer hours and nighttime events. That does chap my hide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

exactly. we are braving the more crowded day because of the night time events and later hours. SIGH. Hoping it won’t be too much of a thing… we’ll have nothing to compare it too, so there’s that.

I would have LOVED to purchase the tickets to the MNSSHP if we could have afforded it, it was fantastic the time we went several years back. Alas, we shall just admire the added decoration and hope to still have a fun time that busy day (the only day we are there) that isn’t a party day at MK.

Nope, it can’t be linked to an active ticketed MDE profile. But if you buy an unlinked MB or have one from someone else who is not on your trip, you can make same day FPP at the Kiosk without a ticket and without scanning for park entry.



I actually would have access to family member magic bands… I am sure they would give them to us if I asked… but I won’t.

I trust my TP, I have faith in my TP, our TP will get us everywhere we need to be and to all the things we want to see.
(my new mantra)

also… karma. I don’t play.:joy:

AWWW now some might say you have an unfair advantage since you have access to a tool that predicts ride times and allows you to reduce your wait time. You waiting less in lines might affect other guests who don’t have that advantage…:open_mouth:

Just kidding. :laughing: Stick with your TP and you will be fine.

You will see lots of information on here and chat that will give you an advantage over the “standard” guest. Use what works for your family and what you are comfortable with and leave the rest to us sneaky folks :smirk:

“us sneaky folks”

Anyone can find this website… all I did was ask google,
“when should we go to Disney”
and also,
“best way to see as much of Disney in a day”

AND BAM… like magic, 12$ later (and A LOT of reading)… we got a plan!! I even used my real name when I signed up!! LOL

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@weeship Come on over to “lines” and follow along on chat if you have not yet. You will get fast answers there and learn lots. http://m.touringplans.com/

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Your party ticket doesn’t come with a FastPass entitlement. You won’t be able to point me to a page on Disney’s website that says the party tickets come with FastPasses, because they don’t. There are no FastPasses from 7 pm - 12 am, when your party ticket is valid.

Yes, you can enter at 4, but that’s not time; that’s simply for Disney’s convenience, to not to have to deal with 10,000 people showing up right at 7 to get into the party. Witness that most of the party characters don’t start meeting until 7, and treat stations don’t operate before 7; before 7 is not officially the Halloween party, that’s the regular Magic Kingdom operating hours.

And yes, if you game the system, you can get some FastPasses between 4 and 7, but that’s what it is: gaming the system.

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Your party ticket 100% absolutely comes with a FPP entitlement. If you book a single party ticket in your primary MDE account you will be allowed to book 3 FPP. If Disney did not want you to have FPP associated with your party ticket it would be very easy to shut that down. The official party times are 7-midnight and I suppose at some point Disney may do away with the early entry option (or FPP with a party ticket). Until then pre booking 3 FPP is something that is equally available to EVERYONE who books a party ticket and I see no issue with sharing the information on how to book them.

Is it restricted to the 4-7 PM window? Or is it the same as for a regular park admission? If it’s the latter, maybe the system is not set up to distinguish between the different tickets. Either way, that doesn’t mean that it’s officially allowed, just that it’s possible to do with the current system.

Can you show me somewhere on Disney’s website that advertises you can book FastPasses with your party ticket? If it was officially allowed, why not market it? They advertise the heck out of FastPasses in every other scenario; they want people to get and use FastPasses so they have at least a few short lines, and don’t gripe to everybody back home about how they had to wait in line so long. If FastPasses are included with party tickets, why doesn’t the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween page mention it anywhere? I don’t think they intend for a party ticket to include a FastPass entitlement, but maybe it’s not enough of a problem to rework the FastPass booking system to close the loophole.

The Disney FAQ page explaining the basics of FastPasses ( https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/fast-pass-plus/product-description/ ) says this:
"To access FastPass+ service before you arrive, you must have either:

  • Valid Ticket or annual pass (<–And this is linked to the REGULAR ticket page!) – make selections up to 30 days in advance
  • Reservation at a select Walt Disney World Resort hotel plus theme park tickets –
    start making selections as early as 60 days―plus the number of days of
    your stay―prior to your check-in date"

You can get 3 FastPasses a day with a regular ticket or an annual pass, and then one at a time after that if there’s more FastPasses available. If you use the dummy account trick, you’re gaming the system, and to me, it’s pretty shady: you’re stealing same-day FastPass availability from day guests who entered the Magic Kingdom that day on a regular admission.

Letting party people enter before 7 makes sense for Disney as a crowd control measure alone. Imagine the chaos if day guests had to leave by 7 and party guests could not enter early. It would be a nightmare rush of people in both directions. I’m sure that’s the main reason for letting the party guests enter early.


I would consider a party ticket to also be a “valid ticket”. We are just going to have a difference of opinion on this one. Honestly even the official Disney Mom’s panel gives mixed responses to booking FPP with the party ticket.

I don’t think I would take the Disney Mom’s panel as a completely official source. As you yourself point out, the answers you get there are not consistent.

A party ticket is different from a regular theme park ticket. A regular ticket gets you in during regular park hours (9 to 7 on a typical party day). The party ticket gets you into the park from 7 to midnight, with a few hours grace so that the park entrance is not completely snarled. You can’t take your MNSSHP card to the MK tapstiles at 9:00 AM and get in the park, because it’s not a regular theme park ticket.

It’s a grey area, and in my mind, it’s an abuse of the system to book FastPasses on your party ticket, as evidenced by the fact that you have to go to the trouble of creating a second MDE account to do it.

Unless I am confused (which the odds are high)… then for those not intending on going into the park for daytime, only for the party and only between 4-12am… they potentially could use their AP to make 3 FP selections for those early entrance hours… and then via a dummy account so that it doesn’t appear the party ticket is owned by the same body… use their party ticket arriving early having made 3 more for before the party starts? Potentially 6 FP to be used between 4-7?

Others may spend the day in the park, making their 3 FPs… but then use their dummy account to make 3 more connected to their party ticket only between 4-7 because after 7pm the FP program doesn’t even exist? Which begs the question… does Disney intend for party people to consider FP “included” in their ticket purchase if FP isn’t even a thing during party hours?

ORRRRRRRRR they get a party ticket only, do not go into the park at all that day (maybe they don’t have an AP)… and can make 3FP if they can find them available, WITHOUT having to create a dummy account, but only FP for the early entry hours… not for the party… because again, the party hours do not include FP use at all.

Is making a dummy account for extra FP different than cutting in line? I mean, does the FP system in general make the line/wait longer for those in standby?

You do not need a dummy account to book FPP on a party ticket. You only need a dummy account if you are trying to book 3 FPP with a regular entry ticket and 3 FPP for the party on the SAME day. If you are not trying to pre book 6FPP in a single day, you can just make your party ticket FPP from your primary account with all your packages and tickets linked. If you have a 6 day regular ticket and a party ticket in your MDE, you get 7 days of FPP.

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I think for FastPass+: Absolutely. Significantly. There are estimates that 60-70% of an attraction’s capacity goes to FastPass, although we don’t know officially.

(I don’t think this is exactly the TP party line, though. I think they did some analysis on the blog that FP+ only raised wait times by a few minutes, but that was several months ago.)