Dumbo Queue

Hey Everyone ! Dumbo question - if my family waits in the regular queue (interactive games in tent?), can I run over to the FPP kiosk and get FPP for another attraction, then join them in the line ? Can we all get on Dumbo together ? Thanks so much in advance for help !

Should be able to. The queue is a playground and they give you a pager that goes off when it's your turn to ride. Once u leave the queue, then you get into an actual line.

Thanks so much for the response, @livingwiththeLandon ! Exactly what I was hoping for.

This has usually been my experience too BUT -- at low crowd levels. At a very high crowd level, the tent capacity may actually fill and they may make you wait to even enter the tent. At that point, leaving and coming back would seem more impolite. But I have never seen it that busy.

Good tip, @B_squared. We will be there on Oct. 31st.....crowd level 3. I will have to take a look at the line beforehand. smiley

At a 3 level I'm sure you're good to go!!! smile

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