Dumbo play area

I have Dumbo scheduled first thing in the morning with a wait if 8 minutes and I think it will actually be less. Is the play area that great that the kids won’t want to pull away? Should I do this earlier l? If we’re one ride away can they play at all? Can you play without waiting in line if we go back later in the afternoon?

In my experience, the play area is not always opens. If you are showing an 8 minute wait chances are that it won’t be as that is pretty much how long it takes to wait after the play area.

Is it that great? Not really, enjoyable but nothing to write home about. My suggestion is to do Dumbo later when lines are longer and you can use it as a little break.

We had Dumbo as the first thing in our Touring Plan. Did a walk-on to WtP and then went to Dumbo, arriving about 9:10, and the play area wasn’t open (despite a 30 minute wait). It was a little frustrating because the kids could see it through the gaps in the tarps they use to close it, and were desperate to get in there.

I have the Casey splash scheduled in the afternoon as a break so perhaps I could combine these 2 - play area only - if that’s allowed and just ride first thing.

I don’t think you can just do the play area. I mean you could but there is not pointing doing the line to get into the play area and then just exiting.

When we rode it as our second ride after rope drop (9:26 according to the time stamp on my photos) the wait was around 10-15 minutes, they only had one side running, and the play area was not open and was hidden by a curtain.

Thanks! If they can’t see it I’m ok with that since I can just say it’s closed. Any clue when it opens?

You may already know about this, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. If you’re looking for a small play area for little guys to blow off steam for a bit, you can try the small play area near Splash Mt. I haven’t been there myself, but I have it noted in my TP in case one of my kids doesn’t feel up to Splash Mtn.

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