Dumb question about tipping

So I’m just trying to nail my budget down a bit and was wondering about tipping for packages e.g. fantasmic, candlelight processional etc.

My understanding is that the bill will have a recommended tip price? Not that I’m relying on that, but is that just for the meal or the entire package? I assume I should be tipping on the package price.

I have this incredible phobia of accidentally ripping someone off with tips and I’m trying to think of all the possibilities that I could stuff up.

I think there is a starting set price for fantasmic dining deals but when you add in drinks etc you will spend more anyway so you just get a normal restaurant bill with normal recommended tips built in. Think they suggest 16per cent, 18 per cent or 20 per cent from memory

There’s no separate tip for fantasmic

Thank you!

Yes, we did two packages and tried to tip based on the actual amount we would have paid (which for us would have been more than the package price); basically did not want to penalize our server for having a table of people with a package rather than a la carte.

One little note, our bill did not show itemized on the receipt. It just showed he package price and anything extra (cocktails). So, we kept a general mental tally, rounding a little so we knew what to leave.

Don’t feel that you need to do this - you wouldn’t tip as if you had the most expensive entree and a couple of cocktails because somebody else might have done and the server would have got a bigger tip. If you split a meal, it’s polite to leave a bigger tip, but not if you’re paying for 2 meals (or however many in your party).

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Just to clarify, we tipped based on what we ordered, not just whatever the most expensive thing was.

To each their own, though. I just have friends who work in the service industry and for me it just feels right to tip based on the actual cost of services rendered rather than on the discounted cost. I just don’t want to short my waiter just because I got a good deal.

No I understand that. It was just an example. Where do you draw the line, if you’re not tipping based on the actual cost?

@Ladythomas is from Australia, and I think they are similar to the UK in that we don’t really tip, so I didn’t want her to think that if she had the package she needed to also be totting up how much everything cost. If she wants to, then lucky server - it’s a nice thing to do.


@Ladythomas I didn’t know you were from OZ. I lived in Sydney for three years and sometimes wonder why I ever left. Have a great trip!

I’m from cairns, and apart from a tonne of traveling to see the world, I’m not sure this will stop being home. It’s just too beautiful. Shame others who live here don’t appreciate what they have right in front of them!

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Cairns is beautiful! Can see why you would never want to leave :slight_smile:

Cairns is nice, used to live in townsville a long time ago. Living in Perth now and off to DW in 40 days. Great advice on tipping as just asking that question on another popular forum. I am doing the fantasmic dinner as well.