Dumb question #48

Is it National Change Your Avatar Fortnight?

enquiring minds want to know . . .

I doubt this is a dumb question as I am a firm believer there are few questions that are dumb

However, I appear to be too dumb to understand the question?


I know @heidelj keeps changing his avatar every few days / hours.

Are others following his lead?


I know, right? DH was an instructor in the Navy and firmly believes there’s no such thing as a dumb question, tho what time is the 3 o’clock parade skates close.

The question refers to the rash of changes in avatars all of a sudden!

Mere coincidence?

Or more like, one homeowner hauls out the mower and pretty soon the whole country is cutting grass.

Or is there a particular avatar change time?

I don’t mind except I don’t know who anyone is any more. :thinking:

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I may have instigated that?


I don’t think @heidelj requires instigating


I always thought that until I found out that sometimes the three o’clock parade happens at 2 o’clock

I think it’s just coincidence.

I changed mine because I got my hat that matches my tagline

I think @heidelj changes his to update his facelessness when there’s a good one or when it’s mentioned (maybe my fault?)

I haven’t noticed others.


I was waiting for that - you don’t disappoint

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LOL he is a bit of a brat prone to acting up all on his own or is given to being easily instigated.

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I aim to please.

There are others

They probably know who they are.

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I did change mine a couple of weeks ago or so bc I realized get confused with the multiple posters who all have the same initial bc they don’t have a photo. So maybe it bothers others also. I was one of those people, so I changed it to a photo.

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I never change my avatar. EVER.

And there are only a few colors. After your post I remembered you did change yours.

Maybe it’s just time for a change . . .

I know someone who once answered the 3 o’clock parade question with “That would be 2:60, ma’am!” But he did it so politely she thought it was hysterical once a beat passed and she realized what he had said.


In Brazil that is 100% a valid question. We have something called “8pm telenovela”, which starts anywhere between 9pm and 9:30pm. ‘11 o’clock news’ is usually at 11:30 and you can invite friends for a 5pm tea (chá das 5, our version of afternoon tea) starting anywhere from 3pm to 6pm :joy:

You can never safely assume that something called " 3 o’clock parade" is scheduled to start at 3 (and you can also never assume that something will start at the scheduled time, but that is a whole different thing).


Making it difficult to record television programs.

And vastly different than Germany.


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I noticed @Randall1028 is no longer just an R.


Well, we can’t all be faceless forever…


You’re not my supervisor!

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