Dumb park hopping question

I’m sure this has been asked, but can’t find answer. Is it okay to tap into your park with ressie after 2 pm?

You can tap in the park you have a reservation for at any time.


I think the only restrictions are you have to tap into your first park with the reservation before you can hop and you can’t hop till 2pm or after and the parks you hop can’t be closed because of capacity.


Thanks erbody

regarding the park you are hopping to (ie your second park of the day) - if the park is sold out for the day, any idea what the likelihood is of being about to get in after 2pm?

We will be there March 21 & 22 and MK and HS are sold out. Was planning other parks for AM but was hoping to hop to MK or HS in afternoon/evening. Do enough folks usually clear out after lunch that hopping isn’t a problem? Or is it a mistake to make plans for the second park (ie to buy ILL or book Genie rides)? TIA

The only park that has shut to park hoppers was MK on Oct 1st, for a couple of hours. People queued up and started going in as others left.

As numbers pick up we might see a few more days like that this year, I guess.

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The park reservation system sell outs doesn’t mean to park is sold to capacity. I think you will be fine to hop.

A related question, if it is OK: how likely is it I will be able to change park reservations, day of? Here is why I am asking: our general plan is to tour one park in the morning (where I have the reservations) and a different park in the evening, using hoppers. If my kids (who are 21 and 24, and more than capable of getting themselves around!) decide they want to sleep in or do their own thing in the morning but join us for dinner, what is the likelihood we will be able to change their reservations to the second park that morning? Or should we assume they will need to get themselves over to the original park at some point in the day to tap in so they can hop with us?

We will be there the first week in May. It is not supposed to be a crazy busy time, but we all know how that has been lately! Thanks for any thoughts on this.

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I think it won’t be a problem but to gauge availability, start checking the same day park availability from now until May at the time you think they’d be joining you. That way you can start seeing what sells out most often.

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